Cider Mill Barns is nestled in the beautiful countryside, with extensive views of the Meon Hills and the Heart of England Forest. In conjunction with the sympathetic renovation of the barns, we have planted lots of fruit and native broad-leaf and fruit trees on our land.

In the Middle Ages, much of the midlands was covered in dense, broad-leaf woodland, known as the Forest of Arden, which throughout the centuries was cleared to make way for farmland, roads and houses. In 1996, The Heart of England Forest Project was founded to combat the loss of native trees and to plant, protect and preserve this historic woodland. To date, they have planted over 3000 acres of new woodland – that’s over one million new trees!

Covered area in the orchrd
Couple walking along the path

This forest surrounds our beautiful ridge-and-furrow farmland, and two copses of Heart of England trees line the Cider Mill Barns driveway. Additionally, we have cultivated a fruit tree orchard, with varieties including damson, pear, plum and cherry trees, which we use to make our own jams and pickles. We also have a selection of traditional cider apple trees, and in time we plan to make our own cider and other fruity tipples!

In addition to our fruit tree orchard, we have planted a grove of espalier apple trees, affectionately known as “The Pommenade”. Take a stroll through the leafy walkways, or enjoy a quiet moment in the clearing at the centre. The Pommenade will be open during your reception for guests to explore at their leisure, and is also the perfect location for some romantic newly-wed photos!

Bride and Groom strolling through the tree arch
Bride and Groom under the arch at night

The front aspect of the barn looks onto our landscaped formal gardens, and beyond from Meon Hill across the Cotswolds to Broadway Tower. The panoramic windows on the opposite wall give spectacular views over our farmland, where you may catch a glimpse of our horses or one of our cheeky lambs!

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